Who Can Benefit From Fleet Insurance?

Haulage Fleet Insurance

Fleet insurance is a special type of motor insurance that enables you to insurance multiple vehicles, including different types of vehicles, under one easy-to-manage policy. When compared to insuring vehicles separately, fleet insurance often works out cheaper and is certainly much easier to manage that separate policies. Those who can benefit from fleet insurance include –

Types of cover

  • Third party – Third party insurance will make any vehicles in your fleet road legal. It will provide cover for third parties in collisions where you, or one of your drivers, is at fault.
  • Third party, fire & theft - To add more protection to a third party policy, you can add fire and theft.
  • Fully comprehensive - A fully comprehensive policy will provide cover for all your vehicles in any type of collision, even if you’re liable. It does cost more than third party insurance but gives you extra peace of mind.
  • Any driver policy - An ‘any driver policy’ is very useful for businesses where different drivers need access to any vehicle within your company. It allows a great deal of flexibility and means you don’t have to worry about whether driver x is insured to drive vehicle y.

Additional cover

  • Public liability – Public liability insurance is a very useful type of cover to get. It will cover you for any liability claims that go against you. Businesses always have to be wary of liability claims, especially those that rely on the use of multiple vehicles.
  • Breakdown assistance – Breakdown assistance is another handy type of cover that you can have included in a fleet policy. You may be able to save money by getting breakdown assistance included in your policy so it’s definitely worth finding out how much extra it is, even if you already have breakdown assistance with another provider.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a fleet insurance policy will depend on a few key factors. The number of vehicles in the fleet, their value and how they’re used are of course taken into consideration. How secure the vehicles are will also have a big impact on cost. Vehicles that are fitted with alarms/immobilisers and that are parked securely when not in use, will always be cheaper to insure than those that are not.

Get quotes the easy way

Getting quotes for fleet insurance doesn’t have to be a headache. Instead of calling different insurers separately by phone, you can now get multiple quotes from fleet insurance specialists in one place. To get tailored quotes for fleet insurance now, simply click the green quote button below.

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