Ways to Save Money on Truck Insurance

If you manage a fleet of trucks then you’ll know that one of the biggest challenges is cutting down costs. There are multiple ways to do this, including being smart about how you acquire new vehicles and also keeping a close truck of fuel expenditure. However one of the main costs of running a fleet is truck fleet insurance.

Below are some great ways you can save money.

Make your vehicles secure

One of the best ways to lower the cost of truck fleet insurance is by making your vehicles as secure as possible. Any steps you can take to reduce the chances of theft, vandalism and collisions will help to lower the cost of your insurance.

A highly recommended way to make your trucks more secure is by installing tracking devices in them. This means if one of them was stolen, you would easily be able to trace it.

Installing tracking devices in your trucks is one of the best ways to make them more secure.


Make your premises secure

Another way to save money on lorry fleet cover is to make the premises where the trucks are kept as secure as possible. This is extremely important as trucks can often attract unwanted attention. Often thieves won’t try to steal the trucks themselves but the parts, which are often very expensive.

Ways to make your premises more secure include –

  • Install a security alarm
  • Use security lighting
  • Install perimeter control measures¬†

Hire good drivers

Hiring good drivers is essential to keep the cost of insurance to a minimum. Because trucks are such large vehicles a good driver will need to be experienced, well-trained and have the right temperament. Age is certainly a factor when it comes to the cost of insurance too so typically you’ll want to hire drivers who are over 30 since they’re cheaper to insure.

Get a lot of quotes

There are many places you can get truck fleet insurance quotes now so there’s no excuse not to shop around. Having a lot of quotes to choose from will help you to prevent overspending.

Getting a lot of quotes can help you save a lot of money on truck fleet insurance


In summary, to save money on truck insurance –

  1. Make your vehicles secure
  2. Make your premises secure
  3. Hire good drivers
  4. Get a lot of quotes
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