Van Fleet Insurance

When you have a fleet of vans and want to insure them then it can seem like a big ordeal. However there is a way of insuring multiple vans that is both stress-free and cost-effective. Get quotes from a panel of specialist van fleet insurance providers now by clicking the green button.

  • One easy-to-manage policy for all your vehicles
  • All types of cover available
  • Professional service
  • 24 hour claims line
  • Flexible payment options
  • Immediate cover

Van Fleet Insurance Explained

Van fleet insurance is an ideal solution when there are 3 or more vans to insure. There are many providers of van fleet insurance online which means that you can find a policy that suits your needs and your budget.

Before you go about getting quotes it’s a good idea to read through the information on this page first so you understand what types of cover are available and how you can save money.

Types of Van Fleet Insurance Cover

With van fleet insurance you have the usual options of getting fully comprehensive, third party or third party, fire and theft. The level of cover you choose will depend on your budget and personal preference although comprehensive insurance is always recommended whenever possible.

Some additional types of cover you can get include –

  • Goods in transit cover - This is a very useful type of cover for vans as they’re often targeted by thieves.
  • Public liability – Liability claims can be very costly and potentially devastating so it’s always recommended that you have a good amount of public liability insurance. Most insurance providers will also give you the option of having legal fees included in the policy too.
  • Breakdown assistance - It’s always important to have breakdown assistance in place for vehicles that are used for commercial purposes. If one of your vans breaks down it’s reassuring to know it will be back on the road ASAP.

Saving Money on Fleet Van Insurance

Below are some reliable ways to save money on van fleet insurance –

  • Choose your vehicles carefully - The age and value of your vehicles will have a big impact on the price of your policy so you should choose vans that are reliable and not overly expensive. The cost of replacement parts is also a factor so you should keep this in mind.
  • Pay annually rather than monthly - When you pay for your policy upfront rather than monthly, most insurance providers will give you a significant discount so you should always do this where possible.
  • Get a lot of quotes - This is one of the most reliable ways of saving money so you should always get as many quotes as you can rather than going with the first insurance provider you contact.

Get Van Fleet Insurance Cover Quotes Now

If you’re ready to start getting quotes then you’re in the right place. After you’ve provided some information about your business you will then have access to a range of quotes from a panel of van fleet insurance specialists. Then all you have to do is compare them and choose the best policy. Simply click the green button below to get started now.

The Best Van Fleet Insurance in the UK

When your business runs a fleet of vans the biggest nightmare can be insuring them. It is anything but when you come to us as we offer a fantastic range of van fleet insurance policies which are both cost affective and give you luxury of having all your vans covered by one policy. From fully comprehensive to third party we offer all levels of cover and work with the biggest names in the industry so you can rest assured that its a reputable company who has your back.

Tailor made feet policies to suit all your vans

Vans come in all different shapes and sizes and all have their own uses depending on what kind of business you run. With this is mind we offer a huge range of custom created policies so you only get the cover you want with nothing else added on to boost the premium.

Compare your quotes quickly and easily with ourĀ Fleet Van Insurance

Once you have answered our quick questionnaire you will get all the results from your answers on the screen in front of you. This lets you appraise them quickly and see who is offering the best deals for your criteria. After that it’s up to you to see which ones are you are the most interested in and which ones you are going to instantly dismiss. Having them all there in front of you lets you narrow down the field much quicker and makes the entire process incredibly easy.

Saving you both time and money on your fleet of vans

Our quick and easy system saves you both time searching for your van fleet insurance and money on the policies themselves. This isn’t rocket science, it’s what price comparison sites are meant to do yet our satisfied customers tell us we are head and shoulders above others they have tried.

Easy payment options for your Fleet Van Insurance

Fancy paying for your van fleet insurance monthly or quarterly? Not everybody is in the position to pay for their insurance in one lump sum whereas others prefer to. Every policy we offer comes with a range of options in terms of payments to suit everyone’s preferences and pockets.

No hanging about for your documents to arrive forĀ Fleet Van Insurance

So you pay your initial sum and you get your documents within minutes and are all done and dusted. Well, that’s the theory but so many companies still don’t work like that. When you have paid your money that policy belongs to you and we get it to you via email within seconds. No fuss, no hanging about, you pay and we send.

Quick and easy claims process for your van fleet insurance claims

Did you know that many motorists end up out of pocket as the claims process of their insurance company is so complicated they give up? We are rightly proud of how quickly we deal with any claim you have to make on your van fleet insurance. Our team of highly trained professionals will treat you with courtesy and respect and offer you the best possible service to get your claim settled asap.