Taxi Fleet Insurance

If your business consists of a fleet of cabs, whether it be black cabs, minicabs, minibuses or a mix of vehicles, finding the best cover for you is crucial. Which is why the panel of expert fleet Insurance insurance providers can find the best taxi fleet insurance policy tailored to your specific needs.

  • Policies for fleets of 2 to 500+ vehicles
  • Limited or Unlimited mileage options
  • Social Domestic and Pleasure option
  • Mixed vehicle fleets - (private hire, black cabs, minicabs, minibuses etc)
  • Cover for drivers of all ages
  • Monthly direct debit facilities available

Taxi Fleet Insurance Explained

If you run a taxi firm then you’ll know that it comes with a lot of responsibility. One of the most important aspects of running a taxi firm is making sure your vehicles are protected with a good insurance policy. A typical taxi firm will have many vehicles to insure which can be a big headache if you choose to insure them separately.

How Taxi Fleet Cover Cost is Determined

Below are some of the main factors that will determine the cost of a taxi fleet policy –

  • Use - Dependant on whether you require public hire insurance or private hire insurance will make a difference to the premium.
  • Age and experience of named drivers - There is a reason why most taxi firms will require their drivers to be 25+ and have a clean license and that is because it has a big impact on what you’ll pay for your insurance policy. When hiring drivers you should always ensure you look for people with a good amount of experience and with no point on their license.
  • Age and value of the vehicles - This will certainly be taken into consideration by insurance providers so it’s a good idea to get modestly priced cars that are reliable and run well.
  • Level of Cover - Of course the level of cover you get will also impact on the overall cost of the policy.

How many vehicles can you insure on a taxi fleet policy?

There is usually no limit on the amount of vehicles you can insure on a taxi fleet insurance policy. This means you’re able to get cover for all the vehicles in your fleet under one easy-to-manage policy.

What types of vehicles can be insured?

Typically you’re able to insure any vehicle that might be part of a taxi fleet, including minicabs, black cabs, minibuses etc for private and public hire use.

What is the difference between private hire and public hire taxi insurance?

  • Private hire - can only be pre-booked by phone or app and cannot display a ‘taxi’ sign like public hire vehicles
  • Public hire - Public hire taxis can pick up passengers from the street and usually have a clear ‘taxi’ sign on the vehicle. The most obvious example of this is London black cabs.

What types of cover are available?

Some typical types of cover you can get included in a taxi fleet policy are –

  • Third party only
  • Third party, fire and theft
  • Comprehensive
  • Public liability
  • Legal expenses

What vehicles can be covered under a taxi fleet insurance policy?

Covers is available for a wide range of vehicle types such as:

  • Minibuses
  • Saloons
  • Coaches
  • People carriers
  • Hatchbacks

Is breakdown cover included?

Breakdown cover isn’t always included as standard in a taxi fleet policy but most insurance providers will give you the option of adding it to your policy for an additional cost.

Saving Money on Taxi Fleet Cover

When getting taxi fleet insurance it’s always desirable to save as much money as possible on your taxi fleet cover quote. Below are some excellent ways to save money –

  • Choose drivers carefully - This cannot be overstated. By being selective with the drivers you hire you will ensure that you do not pay over the odds for your insurance. Drivers who are unreliable or inexperienced will only end up costing you money in the long run.
  • Pay for your policy upfront - This is a very easy way to save money on your policy. If you’re able to pay for the full year upfront rather than monthly then you should always do this since most insurance providers will offer you a significant discount when you do.
  • Shop around – Getting multiple quotes is now very easy to do so there’s no excuse for not shopping around. This can save you a great deal of money since the prices you’re quoted can vary greatly from one insurance provider to another.

Compare Taxi Fleet Insurance Quotes Now

If you’re ready to get started comparing quotes and saving money then all you have to do is click the green button below. Once you’ve provided a bit of information you’ll then have access to quotes from some of the UK’s leading taxi fleet insurance providers.

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