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Compare Motor Fleet Insurance online at
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Full service Vehicle and Fleet Graphics company

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RGVA are a leading vehicle branding specialist, supplying decals, cut graphics, wraps and livery solutions to companies across the UK. Headquatered in Kent supplying and managing branding for Local and National fleet clients such as DFS, Nestle, Dominos, Brake Bros, Michelin and Muller Dairies.

RGVA were the first in the UK to offer environmentally friendly graphics and the first vehicle branding specialist to achieve both ISO9001 and ISO14001 standard certification.

In December 2015 RGVA went through a MBO with Richard Cox and Kieran McCabe taking control of the business. Both as part of the management team under ownership of the former director had ran the business for a number of years making decisions that in 2 years doubled the turnover of the business to over £2m. Richard and Kieran have over over 20 years experience in the industry and know with the excellent team they have they can continue to grow the business, but most of all continue offering fantastic graphics and a great service.

Over the years RGVA has worked with and tried a number of vinyl materials, but nothing works for them like the 3M range and as part of their commitment to 3M RGVA were selected as a 3M Select Gold Partner. However that confident in their work, they offer the platinum benefits as standard.

RGVA also sells Traxx®, a patented quick-change truck frame system that was developed in 2004 by RGVA’s founder and former managing director Ian Calderwood. There are now more than 15000 trucks operating with this system worldwide. Users include DFS, DHL, Sainsbury’s, Nestle, Abel & Cole and Michelin.

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