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About Road Safety Week 2018

Road Safety Week is an annual event organized by road safety charity Brake. The event has gained a lot of popularity over the years and people across the UK have helped to make it a success by getting involved in a wide variety of ways. 

Although the purpose of Road Safety Week is to raise awareness of road safety in general, this year’s event will focus specifically on bike safety. With Bike Smart being the theme for 2018, Brake hope to bring about change in a number of ways. The main groups where they want to raise awareness are –

  • Policy-makers – Policy-makers have a huge impact on how safe UK roads are for cyclists. Unfortunately the UK falls quite far behind other countries that are more bike-friendly. Brake hopes to change this by encouraging policy-makers to invest in better infrastructure to make roads safer for cyclists.
  • Motorists – Another key area where Brake wants to raise awareness is among motorists. Many car users view cyclists as a hazard and will try to overtake them as quickly as possible. Unfortunately it’s this attitude that can lead to accidents. By encouraging motorists to be more considerate of cyclists, it’s hoped that the number of accidents involving cyclists can be cut down.
  • Cyclists and motorcyclists - Of course cyclists and motorcyclists must also take responsibility for their own safety by riding safely and using the correct equipment.

What is the Brake Pledge?

A big part of what Brake do is encouraging people to take the Brake Pledge. The Brake Pledge requires those who sign up for it to agree to adhere to a number of road safety measures. These are fairly basis things like not speeding, getting behind the wheel after you’ve had alcohol and not texting/making calls while you’re driving. Although not every drive is guilty of doing such things, the consequences can be devastating, especially when it comes to thinks like drink driving, so the more people who sign up to the Brake Pledge the better.

Get involved

If you’d like to get involved in Road Safety Week 2018 then there are a number of ways to do this. One way would be to promote the event in your local community by putting up posters at your school or workplace. If you work for a company that runs a newsletter then you could also ask for Road Safety Week to be promoted in it. Another way to get involved would be to organise your own event such as a run to raise awareness.

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