Mini Fleet Insurance

When most people think of fleet insurance, they picture large trucking companies or taxi firms who have dozens of vehicles that need to be insured. The truth is that even people with as few as 2 cars can benefit from fleet insurance. Mini fleet insurance is a type of cover that’s specifically tailored for people who want to insure between 2 and 5 vehicles. These can be cars, vans or a combination of the two.

When looking for small fleet insurance, it’s always recommended that you get quotes from specialist providers. Specialist mini fleet insurance providers will be able to offer you the best cover at the best price. Before you get your quotes, below are some great ways to save money on small fleet insurance as well as the key benefits.

How to Save Money

  • Make your vehicles secure – Making your vehicles secure is one of the best ways to save money on small fleet insurance. It greatly reduces the risk of your vehicles being stolen and therefore providers can offer you a lower price.
  • Limit named drivers – The more drivers that are on the policy, the higher it will be. Therefore limiting named drivers as much as you can is a very reliable way to save money.
  • Park securely – Having your vehicle(s) parked securely in a driveway, or ideally garage, will reduce the chance of theft and vandalism considerably. Insurers will certainly take this into account when calculating the cost of your policy.
  • Get multiple quotes – The most obvious way to save money on mini fleet insurance is to get multiple quotes. Luckily this is now easier than ever

The Benefits of Mini Fleet Insurance

  • Save time – Mini fleet insurance will save you a great deal of time when insuring multiple vehicles since everything is under one easy-to-manage policy.
  • Save money – Mini fleet insurance can also save you a good amount of money since it’s usually cheaper than insuring the vehicles under separate policies.
  • Great for small businesses – If you own a small business that has 5 or less vehicles then small fleet insurance is a great way to keep costs to a minimum.

Get Quotes Now

If you’d like to get quotes for mini fleet cover in the easiest way possible then you’re in the right place. Simply click the green button below and after you’ve provided a bit of required information the panel of mini fleet insurance providers will get straight back to you with a tailored quote.


Mention fleet insurance to most people and they will instantly think of large fleets of lorry’s trundling up and down the country’s motorways. This simply isn’t always the case and we offer fantastic deals on mini fleet cover which has been designed especially for those who have between 2 and 5 cars in their fleet. These can be one kind of vehicle, such as cars or vans, or you can combine both onto one policy. Even those with only 2 vehicles can benefit financially by covering them on a fleet policy as opposed to insuring them separately and here’s why.

Policies tailor made to suit your business

There are too many ways to list here what you could be using your mini fleet for in your business, suffice to say that whatever you do use them for we will tailor make your policy to make it a perfect fit. There are things you won’t need and others that you will and we ensure that every policy we sell is exactly what the customer requires.

Comparing your mini fleet quotes quotes easily

Complete our short questionnaire and the results based on your answers will appear instantly. This allows you to see everything that is offer, and the cost, all in one place and you can easily see which policies offer the best value to suit your needs.

Saving you both time and money on mini fleet van insurance

Punch the search term “small fleet insurance” into a search engine and you will be rewarded with a ton of results. We have done the donkey work on your behalf by bringing the best providers all to one place to save you time searching and money on your policy.

Easy payment options for insurance for your mini fleets

How you want to pay for your small business fleet insurance is entirely up to you and we would never dictate how you pay. This is why we make sure that every policy we sell comes complete with a range of easy payment options to make it as convenient, and affordable, as possible.

No hanging about for your documents to arrive

Don’t you just hate it when you pay for something online and it takes ages for your documents to follow? This is frustrating enough when it is the likes of a flight booking but when its something as important as mini  business fleet insurance it can be downright maddening. Thankfully this is something you never have to worry about with us as once we receive your initial payment your documents are sent instantly, as they should be.

Quick and easy claims process

Anyone who has ever made a claim on their motor insurance and become involved in a veritable assault course of stages they had to go through can be forgiven for thinking every company is the same. As far as making a claim with us one customer described us as a “breath of fresh air” as we have the simplest and least complicated process of them all. It’s never a fun experience making a claim on your motor insurance and we go all out to make sure its as hassle free as possible.