Lorry Fleet Insurance

Ensure that your commercial vehicles are properly protected with the right Lorry fleet insurance policy.
Finding lorry and truck fleet insurance is now easier than ever - click the green button and compare lorry fleet insurance providers now!

  • Comprehensive - Comprehensive cover is always a good idea when insuring a fleet of lorries. This means that if one of your drivers is involved in a collision then you’ll be covered whether they’re liable or not.
  • Contents Insurance - Insuring the contents of your lorries is always advisable since damage and theft are always a risk.
  • Public Liability - If a member of public were to be injured as a result of negligence from one of your drivers then you could find yourself facing a hefty liability claim. It’s also possible to have legal fees included in your policy
  • Breakdown Recovery - Keeping your lorries on the road is essential so if one of them breaks down it’s important that you have a breakdown recovery service in place. Most insurance providers will offer this service.

The Benefits of Lorry Fleet Insurance

Getting lorry and truck fleet insurance online from a specialist comes with a number of benefits. These include –

  • One easy-to-manage policy
  • All types of cover available
  • Windscreen repair service
  • Flexible payment options
  • Instant documentation available

Compare Quotes & Save Money

Getting multiple quotes is one of the best ways to save money on lorry fleet insurance. By comparing quotes you can easily see which policy offers you the best value for money. The good news is that getting multiple quotes is a very quick and easy process. When you click the green button below you’ll be taken to the quote form. Once you have provided some information about your policy needs, you’ll then have access to quotes from a panel of lorry fleet insurance specialists.

There is a great deal of responsibility which comes with owning a haulage company, and this drives up the cost of lorry fleet insurance. The good news is that the panel offer the very best deals on this kind of insurance and now have thousands of happy customers who have used our website and saved a lot of money in the process. There is no reason these days for you not to get the level of cover you need at an affordable price, and as you will see below the panel offer a whole lot more than the best deals online when it comes to lorry fleet insurance.

Policies tailored to the needs of your Lorry Insurance

Haulage companies carry both live and inanimate objects and can do local, national and international trips meaning that you need a policy tailor made to the needs of your company. We specialise in tailor made policies which are adapted to your needs and requirements and this one size fits all policy scenario shouldn’t exist in our opinion.

Comparing your HGV Fleet quotes easily

Having all the quotes for your lorry fleet insurance should be par for the course but some companies still insist on sending you quotes by email. This effectively means you have to sit and trawl through all of these to find the best deals. Your quotes are available within minutes, allowing you the luxury of just having to see which ones are the best fit for you.

Saving you both time and money on Truck Insurance for HGV Fleets

Our questionnaire will only take you 30 seconds to complete, the results of which will appear on your screen instantly as mentioned above. From start to finish, using our system, you can log on, answer our questions, select an insurer, pay your deposit and be insured within 10 minutes, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Easy payment options Fleet Truck Insurance

Lorry’s are one of the most expensive modes of transport to insure and having a fleet of them will soon rack up to quite a hefty sum. Multiple payment options are available for lorry fleet insurance policies giving you the choice to pay it all in one lump or spreading it across affordable quarterly or monthly payments.

Lorry Insurance Documents arrive instantly

Once you’ve paid the required sum online we don’t believe you should be left waiting for your documents to arrive. The panel pride themselves on the speed they get the documents out to customers.

Quick and easy claims process for your Lorry Insurance Claims

Making a claim on your lorry fleet insurance should not be complicated simply because there are large vehicles involved. There is nothing long winded or complex about the claims process, merely a team of professionals working to make it as quick and simple as possible.


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