Company Fleet Insurance

The company fleet insurance providers on the panel are able to offer all the standard types of cover. In addition to this there are many other fleet cover benefits available including –

  • 24 hour claim helpline
  • Replacement vehicles
  • Windscreen repair
  • Breakdown recovery service
  • Flexible payment options
  • Instant documentation

The Benefits of Getting Company Fleet Insurance Online

If your company has multiple vehicles then there’s no doubt that company fleet insurance is the best way of covering them. Not only is this much quicker and easier than insuring the vehicles individually but in most cases you save a good deal of money too. Buying business motor fleet insurance is now a very simple process with many insurance providers offering policies at very competitive prices.

The true benefit of getting business fleet insurance online is that you’re able to get multiple quotes very quickly and easily. This is ideal as it allows you to compare them and see which offers you the best deal. Saving money should always be a primary concern and getting quotes online is one of the best ways to do this.

The Importance of Securing Your Company Fleet Vehicles

Too many company owners neglect the security of their vehicles and pay the price. By taking measures such as installing alarms, steering wheel locks and central locking you greatly reduce the chance of your vehicles being vandalized or stolen. As well as making the vehicles themselves secure, it’s also necessary to ensure that they’re parked in a secure location when not in use.

Taking these measures will show insurance providers that you take security seriously and they’ll therefore be able to offer you a better price on a policy.

Get Company Fleet Cover Quotes The Easy Way

Getting quotes used to take a lot of time and effort. Luckily this is no longer the case. By providing some information about your policy needs you will then have access to highly tailored quotes from a panel of fleet insurance specialists. Click the red button below to get started now.

Business Motor Fleet Insurance for you!

If you run a business who uses vehicles in the every day running of that business then you should consider business fleet insurance. This is not just a quick and easy way of covering all your vehicles on one policy you will most likely find that you also save yourself a lot of money in the process. There is a vast choice available when it comes to levels of cover available and you can mix and match these for your vehicles; covering some with fully comprehensive and others with third party fire and theft for example. The following are some of the main reasons our customers tell us that they come to us for their company fleet insurance.

Company Fleet Insurance Policies tailor made to suit your needs

Every business who operates a company fleet has different needs and requirements depending on the type of the vehicle and also its usage. We custom make all our customers policies to ensure that everything they need is on there and little costly extras they will never need are nowhere to be found.

Compare your company car fleet insurance quotes easily

Getting multiple quotes online instantly is a big plus when you are seeking to find the best deals in company fleet insurance. You can then peruse these at leisure before clicking on the ones that most interest you. The whole system works quickly and effectively and allows you to see just what is on offer all in one place.

Saving you both time and money on Company Fleet cover

The fact our multiple quote system works so well makes sure that you will be saving both time and money when it comes to your new company fleet insurance policy. You don’t want to spend hours in front of a computer to save a few quid, and that simply isn’t an option when you come to us.

Easy payment options for company fleet insurance cover

Despite it being a lot cheaper than elsewhere if you have a lot of vehicles your fleet and haulage insurance will soon rack up. We appreciate that not everyone wants, or can afford, to pay their premium in one go, so we ensure that all our partners offer multiple payment options to make it easier on the pocket. Whether you want to pay monthly or quarterly is fine by us, and if you do want to pay it all at once that’s not an issue either.

Documents arrive instantly

Anyone who has ever spent hours constantly checking their inbox for the arrival of their documents will appreciate how much instant documentation service is appreciated. You pay and documents are usually emailed straight away send; simple as that.


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