Car Fleet Insurance

Insuring multiple cars can seem like a daunting task but this doesn’t have to be the case.
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  • Comprehensive - Comprehensive insurance will cover your cars for any type of accident, whether you (or your drivers) are liable or not. This type of cover is a must if the vehicles are being used for commercial purposes.
  • Third Party Only - Third party will only cover a third party if you’re involved in an accident and you’re at fault.
  • Fire and Theft - As the name suggests - fire and theft will cover your cars if they are damaged by fire or are stolen.
  • Public Liability - This type of cover is most appropriate when the cars are being used for business. If a member of public were to be injured or killed as a result of negligence from one of your drivers then you could find yourself facing a very costly liability claim, which means public liability insurance is a must.
  • Breakdown Assistance - If you don’t already have breakdown cover in place, most insurance providers will offer you this service at a very competitive price.

The Benefits of Car Fleet Insurance

There are many benefits of getting car fleet insurance, including –

  • Save time and money
  • Insure all your cars under one policy
  • All types of cover available
  • Like-for-like replacement car
  • Expert advice
  • Instant documentation

Saving Money

There are some sure fire ways to save money on car fleet insurance. These include –

  • Pay Annually - Insurance providers prefer it when you pay for your policy upfront rather than on a monthly basis and therefore most of them will offer you a discount when you pay like this
  • Secure Your Cars - By securing your vehicles with alarms and central locking you not only reduce the chance of them being stolen but you can also save money on your insurance.
  • Get Multiple Quotes - This is a very reliable way of saving money on car fleet insurance. Getting multiple car fleet insurance quotes enables you to compare them and see which insurance provider offers you the best value for money.

Get Quotes Quickly and Easily on Fleet Insurance

Getting multiple quotes is now very quick and easy to do. Simply click the red button below and after providing some information about your fleet and policy needs you will have access to quotes from a panel of car fleet insurance specialists.

The best way to get car fleet insurance

Due to very manner of the business car fleet insurance doesn’t come cheap. If your renewal notice has made you reach for a bottle of the hard stuff then why not check us out? Our comparison site is dedicated to car fleet insurance whether you have a fleet of 2 or 2000. We search the best companies for the best prices so you can make an informed choice who you are going to go with for your fleet car insurance rather than just renew with your current provider out of habit.

Highly tailored Fleet Car Insurance Policies

Car fleet is a big umbrella covering all manner of vehicles in all sizes of fleets. The panel offer highly tailored policies that take into consideration everything you have told them. Custom made policies are nothing new but tend to come from more or less the same template, our tailor made policies are built from scratch depending on your needs and requirements, nobody elses.

Compare quotes easily for Fleet Insurance

Our ‘at a glance’ service gives you a comprehensive list of every company we have searched and their best prices. This gives you the luxury of perusing the list, checking the excesses etc and giving you a pretty good idea of who you are going to go with within just a couple of minutes.

Save time and money on Fleet Car Insurance

Some comparison sites save you money on your policies. Some save you time looking for a new policy. We try to give you both. Not only are we confident you will find cheaper car fleet insurance through the panel of insurance providers but we are also confident that you will find it quicker. We have finely tuned our website to give you the best of both worlds as we know time is as precious as anything else these days.

Multiple payment options when choosing fleet cover for your cars

How do you pay for your car fleet insurance now? Weekly? Monthly? Or in one lump? Whichever is your own personal preference we believe that you should be given a choice and that’s why most of the companies on your results list will offer the payment options you have stated you prefer.

Instant documentation for your fleet car insurance

If you find a great policy you want to grab it with both hands and get it up and running asap. We feel exactly the same and  your cover note, policy etc will usually be with you via email in a matter of minutes. This is vital if you are not renewing a policy and taking out a new one as you want no down time due to not being insured. By us getting your documentation to you asap your new policy will take over where the previous one left off, meaning you are never off the road.

So, if you’re looking for fleet car insurance - we’re here to help.